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Having an alternate way of generating income through your traffic is always welcomed, especially knowing that you can’t keep all your eggs in one basket. The exact same thing happened to me with Adsense, I was relying particularly on Google Adsense for most of my sites and when I was banned I had a 100 % loss. Afterwards I started researching for the best companies which would pay on time and deliver at least satisfactory results. Since most of my traffic was mobile I stumbled across a company named Mobicow

What is Mobicow?

Mobicow is a revolutionary new way to display mobile ads. It meets the needs of publishers by allowing them to display full-screen mobile ads that deliver high eCPM prices and 100% fill rates.

How much they pay?

As in any company, the amount paid per thousand impressions will differ based on the quality of your traffic. I’ve seen up to 4.6 USD per 1000 impressions (yeah you read it right!) and that’s above the industry standard.

How does Mobicow pay?

There are various ways to get paid. Usually they send out payments wire / check but also PayPal if you are pushing lots of traffic (contact their support team to see if you are eligible). They do also offer NET-7 payment terms for their premium publishers.


I’ve been for more than 8 months now with Mobicow and they haven’t missed a single payment date. Besides that, I find their support excellent and ready to help you even on Sundays! So if you have mobile traffic and want to monetize it I would highly recommend the folks over at Mobicow and I’m sure you will thank me later :)

Sign up for Mobicow now! Review – Top Adsense Alternative

I was firstly introduced with Media.netmedianet-logo back on October 2012 when they started out their beta program and I couldn’t get an account with them until February 2013. I already did my due diligence initially and everyone was praising their high RPMs and a very good support. Being backed up by Yahoo & Microsoft I was sure that it would a solid alternative to Google Adsense.

Long story short, I’ve been with for almost 5 months now and the support has been incredible. I’ve been appointed an account manager which is really helpful and does reply to all my inquiries / emails in less than 24 hours. Periodically we set up conference calls so we can discuss further how to maximize the profitability of my websites.

The Earnings

How works is quite different from Google Adsense, you are only shown the traffic (impressions) and the RPM which is basically your revenue for one thousand impressions. You cannot see the clicks nor your conversion rate however the earnings are a mix of impressions / clicks formula which at the end gives you the RPM.

As in almost every similar company, you are paid based on your niche. Financial / Health niches tend to pay more (for obvious reasons) and Entertainment less. The same scenario is also with, which to my surprise I’ve seen up to $8 RPM on different days.

The Payments pays NET-30 and will do NET-7 only if you push a high traffic volume (and after you’ve received the first 3 payments from them). They are paying by wire and you also have the PayPal option.


Overall so far I’ve had a very positive co-operation with and I’ve received my payments always on time. My account manager Rohan is always helpful and makes sure everything is running smooth from both the sides. Even though its a newly formed company, the professionalism shown so far guarantees they will be for a long time in this industry and hopefully they will be the real competitors to Google Adsense

Bing Link Explorer is here!

For all the SEO addicts, I have some good news. You remember Yahoo Site Explorer which was among the best free backlink checkers? It moved to Bing however it was idle for many months. Now its here and its looking promising. Even though the web-based report shows a maximum of 200 backlinks, if you use the export function it will show much more than that. Here is a sneak preview of how it looks like:

How to activate Link Explorer on Bing Webmaster Tools?

Before being able to use Bing Link Explorer you will need to signup at Bing Webmaster Tools with a Windows Live account (hotmail / live). Then you will need to verify one of your websites and after that go at Dashboard – Diagnostics & Tools – Link Explorer

You can even find sites linking back to you by anchor texts so use it wisely :)


Deciphering Google Penguin Update

Almost anyone in the SEO game has been affected by the latest update from Google named “Penguin”. Primarily, it was the Panda update which filtered many MFA (made for adsense) sites and penalized them from the top positions.

I strongly believe that there must be a relation between the Google’s algorithmic changes and the names they’ve been using. After reading a passage from Wikipedia about Penguins you can clearly understand what I’m talking about:

Penguins for the most part breed in large colonies, the exceptions being the Yellow-eyed and Fiordland species; these colonies may range in size from as few as a 100 pairs for Gentoo Penguins, to several hundred thousand in the case of King, Macaroni and Chinstrap Penguins.Living in colonies results in a high level of social interaction between birds, which has led to a large repertoire of visual as well as vocal displays in all penguin species.Agonistic displays are those intended to confront or drive off, or alternately appease and avoid conflict with, other individuals.

Did you read that? Penguin, social interaction… Perhaps Google is trying to send a hidden message where it clearly states that in this update, social interaction (such as Google+ , Facebook, Twitter and much more) is the key to ranking higher?

In fact its logical for a site to be using a Facebook page, a Twitter account and in some cases a YouTube channel for their videos. Is this a move towards social optimization rather than old-school SEO?

Rich Snippets

Many months ago Google introduced rich snippets which most probably you have noticed in Google’s search engine. Is it a desperate way of attracting more members to join their social network Google+ or its a step further to semantic search technology?

The real problem with Google Authorship is that everyone can be anyone, by just creating a fake account on Google+ and then linking that account with your spam/mfa websites. How is Google going to protect millions of visitors from getting scammed or misinformed?

Panda, Penguin and the Platypus

The mighty jungle called Google is getting wilder and wilder and on many discussion boards, webmasters are already complaining about the mess Google Penguin update has made however one thing is for sure, Google is moving towards the so desired social-interactive buzz and will eventually give a higher importance to it as a ranking factor.

Despite the recent changes in the SEO industry, I still do believe that useful content along with powerful backlinks is the recipe for a successful, high ranking website!

How To Do Proper Keyword Research

When I was younger I always wanted to enter in highly competitive niches and that’s probably true for every single webmaster out there. You have a blog about making money online however you don’t know / earn money online. As you can understand, “make money online” is one of the most difficult and competitive keywords out there but yet, everyone registers a domain name, writes a couple of articles, builds some backlinks and waits for results (which will never come). In this case you desperately think you’re not set to make money online, which in fact is wrong!

– Keyword Research

Many say that content is king, traffic is the queen however personally I believe that the root into making money online is PROPER KEYWORD RESEARCH. You open a site about insurance, you hire someone to make exceptional articles, you even start building massive links but it wont work, because that’s not the way its supposed to work.

Why should everyone jump into extremely competing niches when in fact there are hundreds if not thousand of micro niches which are guaranteed to make you money?

In this article I will explain how to do proper keyword research and how you can start earning money right away, either by flipping your website (Flippa) or monetizing it by Adsense, Amazon or other affiliate programs

Keyword External Tool

I would highly recommend it since its the appropriate tool for finding niches based on their volume search and overall its FREE. So lets search about a particular industry / product / service we might be interested.


Click to Enlarge


Make sure you have ticked EXACT MATCH and locations: ALL, these would give you the exact search volume for a particular keyword across the globe. So the term which popped to my mind was “cakes”, then we refine the results from the highest volume to the lowest (click on Global Monthly Searches). The advantage in a micro niche is the option of having the exact match domain available (either .com / .net or .org). Be assured that the 50-60 results which have like more than 30k searches per month won’t have any of those domains available, so scroll down between the region of 7,000 searches and 4000 searches per month.

Click to Enlarge


So from the above list, we tick all of them and we export them as a txt file, so now you will have a file just like the screenshot below:

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Now what I’m going to show you, is a neat way of finding really quickly available exact match domains. As you can see on the image above, press CTRL + H, this command will bring up the Replace function of Notepad. Now what we want to remove from the list is the first [ , the space between the keywords and the ]. so basically you type on find what “[” and you replace it with nothing and it will automatically remove the [ from the list.

After doing so you will have a clean list of keywords such as below:

Click to Enlarge

Now you can visit a domain registrar which allows you to check bulk domains, for this example we will be using Bulk Domain Checker which can be found HERE.
There you copy/paste the list of the keywords and select .com / .net .org and click search!

Based on the niche, you will either find or not any available domain names, in our case this is what I got:

Click to Enlarge

We check the available domains, the first one is which apparantly has 6600 exact searches per month and an average Adwords cost-per-click of $0.64 which is not bad. The thing that matters most at this time is to check out the competition on Google. We do a quick search for the term “21st birthday cakes” to see how many results there are. Note that just because there are few results doesn’t mean that the competition is low, however we get an overall idea of the competition (for more in-depth analysis I would recommend using MarketSamurai for checking the real competition of the top 10, which shows how many backlinks they have, their PR’s, their domain age and much more)

Click to Enlarge

From a quick overview, we see that in TOP 5 results there is no exact match domain ranking, that is a good thing for us since we now have an exact match domain (.net) of the keyword. Another good thing for us is the fact that some of the sites are, in which our emd .net will have to surpass rather than .com’s or .org’s

Last but not least, you have to think out of the box and think as a buyer yourself because the one’s looking to purchase something have a higher chance to click on your advertisements and 21st birthday cakes is surely an interesting keyword to work with.


I strongly believe its a numbers game, if 21st birthday cake ranks on top 3 and brings an average of lets say $1 per day, 50 different sites in similar small niches will bring $50 per day, so my suggestion would be to do keyword research daily and take down notes on domains / niches you find and then compare them, check out the competition, decide whether its a buying keyword or not and then nothing can stop you from earning money! Make sure to write unique content which is readable by humans, do not write content for the bots, as you will eventually get penalized sooner or later.
What are you waiting for now? Start making money and thank me later :)

Tirana Startup Weekend

If you’re active in the Albanian web-o-sphere, changes are that you’ve have probably heard about Tirana Startup Weekend. If you don’t have a clue whats it about, here is a short explanation:

Startup Weekends are weekend-long, hands-on experiences where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if startup ideas are viable. On average, half of Startup Weekend’s attendees have technical backgrounds, the other half have business backgrounds.

When: 20-22 April 2012
Where: European University of Tirana (ALBANIA)

Besides the usual talking, you can also use such meetings for new connections, since most of the attendees are webmasters / marketers / geeks / web-passionate. I will be attending it and I would highly recommend you to do so, the entrance is free of charge, you just have to confirm your registration at SWTirana.

Here’s a video of what to expect in a Startup Weekend: