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Even though I’ve always been against autoblogs because most of the time they do not work properly, I was checking a site which was quite interesting and caught my attention. After a bit of research I found they were using wp turbo. Here’s an introduction video of what this piece of software does:

Alright here’s a description taken from their website:

WPTurbo is a new premium plugin for WordPress that allows you to create powerful niche sites which create content, update themselves automatically and earn you income each month from affiliate programs.

The plugin has a powerful system to allow you to create your own templates and target by keyword and add filters so your sites are unique to you.

Search engine love these sites as they are regularly updated when you choose, from every hour to every week. You just have to set them up once and they will carry on adding content without you.


wp turbo review

I tested it myself and had excellent results and I started gaining traffic since the third day after my site got indexed. The power of wp turbo lays on the configuration you do and what modules you use.

So if you are looking to make some extra passive income I would strongly recommend using it, you are going to thank me later on, oh and by the way you can use this discount code WPAFLAUNCH678 and get a 10 % discount.

WordPress AutoBlogging Plugin

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