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Where to buy aged domains?


One of the many factors which affect the ranking position of a site in Google is without doubt the age of the domain name. By that, I don’t solely mean a domain name which is old but a domain name which is old and has been for a long time on Google’s index. Personally I’ve got a couple of +15 year old domain names and they can rank higher / easier than a new domain name. So in case you’re here you most probably want to register an aged domain name so enough with the words, lets get down to business.

GoDaddy Auctions

Don’t panic about GoDaddy, no matter whether you like or not their domain registration services, I would highly recommend its auctions because you can find absolute bargains for very powerful domain names. So that’s a little secret I’m about to share with you, lets head over to GoDaddy Auctions and see what aged domains can we grab.

On your right you can see the below listed image, just click on Domain Age and write the age you would like the domain to have, then you will see if there are any available. In the example below I’ve used 10 to 15 years which will show me all the domain names older than 10 years up to 15.

Domain Age Godaddy Auctions

You then click Search and voila, all the available domain names with the specified attributes will be listed. From the example above here are the current results and I confirmed that most of the domains are older than 10 years!

Aged Domains

So look at the above listed domains, you can have any of them for as low as $5 up to $10 and there are literally hundreds of domains to choose from!

How To Make Money From Aged Domains?

You can either flip the domains for at least 10x profit (either sell it on Flippa, Namepros or Digital Point) but I would better recommend doing what most of the seo guys do, build sites on them and use them to pass link juice to your main sites! So basically you can build thousands of links on such domains since they are old enough and bulletproof from any penalization from Google and pass the link juice to the main site of yours

In case you find an aged domain (+10 years) which is also an EMD (exact match domain) then you’ve strike gold so continue to dig deeper and deeper as you would probably outrank any competitors on Google

Olgi Zenullari
Olgi Zenullari
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