What you need to know about Google 50 Penalty


If you are in the search engine optimization game, chances are your site has been hit at least once by the so called “Google -50 Penalty”. You are ranking for a good term and your Adsense earnings are going great but all of a sudden, when you wake up one day you see that you made zero, nada, zilch from your biggest money making site. That very same thing happened exactly to one of my sites, that’s why I would like to elaborate more on this topic.

As we all know, forget what self-guru’s say about SEO and its factors, everyone knows that the biggest ranking factor are the backlinks and there are no bad links actually, its simply how you build them.

Google Minus 50 Penalty

As you can refer from its  name, you will lose 45-50 positions in the search engines. So chances are that if you were ranking on #1, you will end up on page 4-5 now and the organic traffic will disappear right away.

How is it caused?

There must be a proportion ( I prefer to call it distribution) of anchor texts used in your backlinks. If you’re main keyword is “healthy diet” and all your backlinks have “healthy diet” as an anchor text, you will trigger the alarm over at Google which will punish you with the -50 penalty

The Cure

Never use the same anchor text while building backlinks, it won’t look like natural hence you might get banned from the Big G. Use always variations of your keyword and whats most important, do not only link to your homepage, try to link to your other sub-pages or categories too. In this way there will be a distribution of links going to the main URL as well as to the other sub-pages of your website.

So if you’ve been hit by Google -50 penalty, its time to continue building backlinks with just a simple twist, link to your subpages as well as rotate the anchor texts used. By my personal experience you will be out of the penalty in 45-60 days

Olgi Zenullari
Olgi Zenullari
A digital marketer / entrepreneur with a SEO obsession. This is my personal blog where I love sharing with you tips about online marketing, link building, blogging and making money online!
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