What To Blog About When You Are Out of Ideas


I bet that almost all the bloggers have faced difficulties finding new ideas what to write about and due to lack of imagination or content they haven’t updated their blogs for a long period. Now since you are on a specific niche, I would not recommend you post useless posts or paid reviews, it would just harm your loyal readership.

It is true that I haven’t been blogging for a long time but that’s not because I don’t know what to blog about, but because my time is extremely limited and yet again I try to take care of this blog (without doubt as it has my name ;)

So you are logged in and you have just clicked “Add New” post and everything is white and you cant concentrate or you just don’t know what to write about.

The solution is plain simple, check out webmaster forums (i assume you have a MMO blog or webmaster blog) and see what are different users asking.

Thats a good idea and not only you post one more article in your blog but you also get another visitor which you know perfectly that he is interested in what you have written

From my personal experience, someone was asking over at NamePros forums how you could make money via blogs. Now it is true that there are thousand of articles which already have explained how you can generate revenue with blogs,  I still wrote a tutorial and told him on a private message that everything he wanted to know was already posted in an article.

Not only that, but I opened a thread as well on NamePros so everyone could share their ideas and of course, at the bottom of the article I added the source (my blog link)

Result !? See the screenshot below

How To Generate Cash From Blogs

So as you can see, by a simple article I got more than 5,500 views and most of them also clicked on my signature and checked what other articles I had on my blog


If you dont have what to write about, just visit different big forums (specifically Digital Point) and look for different questions being asked. It will never ever get saturated as tens or even hundreds of questions are being asked per day.

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