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ReadBud – Get Paid To Read Articles


It has come to our attention that this readbud is scam hence wont pay you. Read the latest report for more information

There are many people who are struggling in making money online so I would like to introduce you quite a nice program where you will be able to earn money for every single article you read and rate.

ReadBud is a website where you can get paid for every article you read and rate. The concept is quite simple, you register, you choose your topics of interest (maximum you can choose are 50 topics) and then you go straight ahead on reading and rating the articles

How Much Can I earn ?

Your earnings are based on the topics you have chosen and how many articles are in those niches you have selected. Plus you get paid based on the length of an article, if an article is under 100 words you get 1 cent. Check below for the complete payment structure:

What payment method do they use?

You get paid when you reach $50 and you get the money straight to your PayPal account. They might soon add other payment processors though however PayPal is the only possible way of earning with ReadBud right now

ReadBud Affiliate Program

As every other company out there, ReadBud offers an affiliate program where you get paid $5 for every member that reaches and gets paid $50.  Since this is a new program you could easily get many referrals and maximize your earning potentials with ReadBud


I’m a full time affiliate marketer and I don’t have time reading articles and getting cents however this site was introduced to me from a friend of mine and its a great method for all the beginners out there to make money online. You could possibly make $50-$100 per month so its an extra revenue stream which you could use for bills or for domain registrations

readbud - get paid to read and rate articles

Olgi Zenullari
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