Setting Up Goals For

Hello Fellow Readers!

Planning and setting goals is really an important factor to succeed online. I’m here publically announcing my goals for this blog and a deadline of 31st December 2008

Statistical Goals

  • Having at least 100 email subscribers
  • Having at least 200 unique visitors per day
  • Getting a PR of 2 or more
  • Having an Alexa Rank of 500,000 or below

Content Goals

  • Posting at least 1 unique article per day
  • Guest posting in one of the top blogs of the blogosphere
  • Getting some qualitative backlinks from the blogs of the same niche as mine

Revenue Goals

Speaking of revenue, I am thinking not to add any banner’s or advertisements as long as my new theme is ready. I might review some products and get some affiliate sales but you won’t see any graphical banners or other type of advertisements for at least another week or two.

It is really important to me having an established blog on the niche I love most and I do not want to spam this blog with affiliate links just for the sake of cash.

More informative blog posts to come!

Stay updated

Olgi Zenullari

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3 Free Professional WordPress Themes

I strongly believe that a professional design (theme) is a vital part of a blog. The best solution is to hire someone and design you a theme from scratch. How about the ones who cannot afford a paid theme? Of course the only option is to use a free one! Did you know that there exists professional free themes for all of us!? I have picked three ones that I really think are professional free themes

Blue Steel

Blue Steel Free WordPress Theme


Zeke 1.0

Zeke Free WordPress Theme


Fluid Yellow Black

Fluid Yellow Black WordPress Theme


That’s it for the moment. More free wordpress themes and other stuff to come!


Olgi Zenullari

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Why & How To Mask Your Affiliate Links

There are many people in the world who suffer from Affiliateophobia (afraid of affiliate links) They think that by registering from an affiliate link, they are going to lose money. The answer is NO. They wont lose anything by joining a program from an affiliate link

I have made an experiment before a couple of months ago and used 2 different types of affiliate links which both lead on the same page


Both of the above URL’s are an example of what I used and both of them redirected in the same offer page

I saw that OPTION B had 60 % more signups than OPTION A. This means that most of the internet marketer’s who use the first option to get referrals are losing some members (hence cash) just because of a simple thing. I strongly recommend you to use the following ways to mask your affiliate links

How To Mask Your Affiliate Links

  1. TinyURL – TinyUrl is a nice feature which converts all your long affiliate links in something like You can also use their custom alias to add an appropriate keyword at the end of your link (example:
  2. PHP-Redirect – This is one of the most commonly used methods nowdays from different top affiliate marketers. You simply create a new .php page (new.php) and add the following code

    header( ‘Location: ) ;

    So just add your desired affiliate link on it and then save it as your affiliate name.php. Then upload it on your server

  3. Hidden Affiliate Links – Its a nice and easy to configure WordPress plugin which can automatically any keyword you would like in an affiliate link

There is also a javascript code but I won’t recommend it as many members around the world have the javascript option disabled in their browsers

Thanks for your attention

Olgi Zenullari

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General Just Launched

Hello Dear Readers!

First of all I would like to thank you for visiting my new blog. is my personal blog where I will be blogging about different ways how to make money online , entrepreneur stories, domain name business , how to drive traffic in your sites and much more.

I have +4 years experience online and it’s the proper time to post all my skills so you can learn too.  My designer is designing a custom theme for my blog so as soon as its finished, Im gonna use this nice free template I found on the internet.
If you have any questions or you want me to blog about a particular category , feel free to contact me via the contact page.
Thanks again for your attention

Best Wishes
Olgi Zenullari

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