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Tirana Startup Weekend

If you’re active in the Albanian web-o-sphere, changes are that you’ve have probably heard about Tirana Startup Weekend. If you don’t have a clue whats it about, here is a short explanation:

Startup Weekends are weekend-long, hands-on experiences where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if startup ideas are viable. On average, half of Startup Weekend’s attendees have technical backgrounds, the other half have business backgrounds.

When: 20-22 April 2012
Where: European University of Tirana (ALBANIA)

Besides the usual talking, you can also use such meetings for new connections, since most of the attendees are webmasters / marketers / geeks / web-passionate. I will be attending it and I would highly recommend you to do so, the entrance is free of charge, you just have to confirm your registration at SWTirana.

Here’s a video of what to expect in a Startup Weekend:

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Bulk PageRank Checker

If you’re a SEO, you’re most probably addicted to checking site’s pageranks. Besides installing extensions or addons in your favorite browsers, you still need a tool to mass check a list of websites. Thats why I would like to introduce you a free nifty tool which helps you check up to 30 websites at the same time, including their pagerank validity and alexa rank.

The following screenshot below is an ajax powered pagerank checker which facilitates and fastens your seo needs tremendously so have a look below:


You also have the ability to export all of the lists for organizing them better. Last but not least its totally free. For more information you can visit the site directly at

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Domain Names Make Money SEO

Where to buy aged domains?

One of the many factors which affect the ranking position of a site in Google is without doubt the age of the domain name. By that, I don’t solely mean a domain name which is old but a domain name which is old and has been for a long time on Google’s index. Personally I’ve got a couple of +15 year old domain names and they can rank higher / easier than a new domain name. So in case you’re here you most probably want to register an aged domain name so enough with the words, lets get down to business.

GoDaddy Auctions

Don’t panic about GoDaddy, no matter whether you like or not their domain registration services, I would highly recommend its auctions because you can find absolute bargains for very powerful domain names. So that’s a little secret I’m about to share with you, lets head over to GoDaddy Auctions and see what aged domains can we grab.

On your right you can see the below listed image, just click on Domain Age and write the age you would like the domain to have, then you will see if there are any available. In the example below I’ve used 10 to 15 years which will show me all the domain names older than 10 years up to 15.

Domain Age Godaddy Auctions

You then click Search and voila, all the available domain names with the specified attributes will be listed. From the example above here are the current results and I confirmed that most of the domains are older than 10 years!

Aged Domains

So look at the above listed domains, you can have any of them for as low as $5 up to $10 and there are literally hundreds of domains to choose from!

How To Make Money From Aged Domains?

You can either flip the domains for at least 10x profit (either sell it on Flippa, Namepros or Digital Point) but I would better recommend doing what most of the seo guys do, build sites on them and use them to pass link juice to your main sites! So basically you can build thousands of links on such domains since they are old enough and bulletproof from any penalization from Google and pass the link juice to the main site of yours

In case you find an aged domain (+10 years) which is also an EMD (exact match domain) then you’ve strike gold so continue to dig deeper and deeper as you would probably outrank any competitors on Google

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Ranking domains in

As many of my friends know, I’m a keyword research addict and I spend at least 2-3 hours per day doing keyword research (yeah I know weird hobby) so whatever keyword I see potential from, I just register it (mostly trying to get exact match domains for their ranking factors). So most (if not all) of the good domains have already gone, but I was looking at a particular keyword which had a low competition, 60k exact local searches per month and a CPC of $3.25 (health industry).  The exact match domain was available so there I was, almos 1 AM and I successfully bought my first domain name

The Experiment

In this article we will see the potential ranking of exact match domain (new one) in My final objective would be the TOP 3 position on but also TOP 3 position in

Day 1 – Created the site (WordPress ftw!), added 5 unique 400 words articles regarding that specific keyword

Day 2 – Built hundreds of authority backlinks (mostly from my wide network of sites, different ip’s) – Site got indexed and it was showing 16 results on Google.

Day 3 – Site was ranking TOP 5 on but the UK local monthly searches are low so I will have to get #1 position to see some UK traffic

Day 4 – Site was ranking third page of for its exact keyword

Day 5 – Site was ranking second page of for its exact keyword

Day 6 – Created some good unique articles and submitted on a couple of authority article directories

Day 7 – To Be Continued


By this little case study I would like to experiment myself the power of domains and their ranking abilities on, sure there are many other factors which will affect the rankings however I’ve used an exact method on a new .org exact match domain and it is ranking on top of Google without any hassles. You can subscribe to my RSS for future updates because I will be updating this article frequently with all the steps I take and the results i see from Google. Also when the site ranks on first page of Google I will also show screenshots of my earnings, to have a better and clearer picture of what to expect from such a keyword if ranked on top :)

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Affiliate Marketing Business Social Media

Webit Expo 2011

Being a Webit Consul, I had the possibility to invite a couple of friends to the biggest digital marketing conference in Europe, Webit Expo, held in Sofia, Bulgaria. As far as I know we were about 7 people from Albania. It was a real pleasure for me meeting some of the industry leaders. In this article I will emphasize some important events which took place in Sofia and how this conference helped us grow our business even bigger.


First Day in Sofia, 25th October

After arriving at Sofia’s International Airport, we got a cab and gave him the hotel name. Ironically he didn’t leave us at the place we had asked, instead we had to walk like 600-700 meters. The hotel we were staying was Hotel Lion, which was really comfortable and located at the center. After leaving our luggage, we were starving hence we wanted to eat lunch. The interesting thing is that we walked like for 15-20 minutes and we couldn’t locate a fast-food or a restaurant. The only things we could see were shoes, shoes and shoes. Tens of shops selling any kind of leather shoes. Luckily near our hotel there was a fast-food (Aladin) and the food was quite nice.

I was checking all the shopping centers nearby and I found Sofia Outlet Center which, according to Google Maps it was 2.9 km away by foot so we decided to walk. When we were getting closer to the spot on the map we couldn’t locate the shopping center that’s why we asked a guy and he told us that we were like 20 minutes away (by car!!!). So we got a cab and we headed to Sofia Outlet Center. (taxi’s in Sofia are extremely cheap, maybe because they work with gas)

Second Day in Sofia, 26th October

We woke up early in the morning to attend the conference. I was amazed seeing a huge crowd of digital marketing addicts and I felt quite good. For me this was the first international conference I was attending and I had the possibility to get to know with some of the industry leaders. Here are some photos:


Webit Expo 2011 was a real inspiration for me, not only I had the opportunity to discuss with like minded and share thoughts on various topics, but we also had fun with some of my friends so greetings to Jonian , Arber , Albi & Ledio for the awesome time in Sofia city!

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