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Having an alternate way of generating income through your traffic is always welcomed, especially knowing that you can’t keep all your eggs in one basket. The exact same thing happened to me with Adsense, I was relying particularly on Google Adsense for most of my sites and when I was banned I had a 100 % loss. Afterwards I started researching for the best companies which would pay on time and deliver at least satisfactory results. Since most of my traffic was mobile I stumbled across a company named Mobicow

What is Mobicow?

Mobicow is a revolutionary new way to display mobile ads. It meets the needs of publishers by allowing them to display full-screen mobile ads that deliver high eCPM prices and 100% fill rates.

How much they pay?

As in any company, the amount paid per thousand impressions will differ based on the quality of your traffic. I’ve seen up to 4.6 USD per 1000 impressions (yeah you read it right!) and that’s above the industry standard.

How does Mobicow pay?

There are various ways to get paid. Usually they send out payments wire / check but also PayPal if you are pushing lots of traffic (contact their support team to see if you are eligible). They do also offer NET-7 payment terms for their premium publishers.


I’ve been for more than 8 months now with Mobicow and they haven’t missed a single payment date. Besides that, I find their support excellent and ready to help you even on Sundays! So if you have mobile traffic and want to monetize it I would highly recommend the folks over at Mobicow and I’m sure you will thank me later :)

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Olgi Zenullari
Olgi Zenullari
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