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I was firstly introduced with back on October 2012 when they started out their beta program and I couldn’t get an account with them until February 2013. I already did my due diligence initially and everyone was praising their high RPMs and a very good support. Being backed up by Yahoo & Microsoft I was sure that it would a solid alternative to Google Adsense.

Long story short, I’ve been with for almost 5 months now and the support has been incredible. I’ve been appointed an account manager which is really helpful and does reply to all my inquiries / emails in less than 24 hours. Periodically we set up conference calls so we can discuss further how to maximize the profitability of my websites.

The Earnings

How works is quite different from Google Adsense, you are only shown the traffic (impressions) and the RPM which is basically your revenue for one thousand impressions. You cannot see the clicks nor your conversion rate however the earnings are a mix of impressions / clicks formula which at the end gives you the RPM.

As in almost every similar company, you are paid based on your niche. Financial / Health niches tend to pay more (for obvious reasons) and Entertainment less. The same scenario is also with, which to my surprise I’ve seen up to $8 RPM on different days.

The Payments pays NET-30 and will do NET-7 only if you push a high traffic volume (and after you’ve received the first 3 payments from them). They are paying by wire and you also have the PayPal option.


Overall so far I’ve had a very positive co-operation with and I’ve received my payments always on time. My account manager Rohan is always helpful and makes sure everything is running smooth from both the sides. Even though its a newly formed company, the professionalism shown so far guarantees they will be for a long time in this industry and hopefully they will be the real competitors to Google Adsense

Olgi Zenullari
Olgi Zenullari
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