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How To Make Money With Coupon Sites


Coupon sites seem to be generating quite a lot of money lately, due to the fact that every single person is looking for a coupon or a promo code so he can save some dollars from his purchase. Now what I find interesting, is the fact that there are some coupon sites out there which are posting coupons and promo codes for sites that don’t even have a place where to put the code

Do you guess why they are doing this? Well, go figure it out! Its for the only purpose of getting the referral commission. Yes you heard it right, coupon site owners want you to click for the coupons and once you do so, their affiliate cookie is stored on your browser so whenever you decide to purchase the product (which most probably you will since you are looking for a promo code) they get their cut

Now even though many of you might call this a blackhat method where you fool your visitors, I think its a nice tricky method to generate passive income through all your visitors. This method can work flawlessly and really quickly as long you setup your site and do some basic seo.
I repeat basic seo because you are going to compete for keywords like “script name coupon code” or “product promo code” and the competition will be much lower than in other highly competitive markets

A further in depth case study will be coming in the following months by me so you can see exactly what I’m I going to do

Olgi Zenullari
Olgi Zenullari
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