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How Google can destroy your online business overnight


We’ve all heard about thousand times the phrase “don’t keep all your eggs in one basket” and in this case it fits accordingly. If you’re traffic is coming solely from Google then chances are you won’t survive, no matter whether you do blackhat or whitehat.

Early this year Google launched what it is notoriously known as Panda, an algorithm change which affected thousands of webmasters worldwide and affected many businesses as well. So what exactly was/is Panda about? Google wanted to wipe out all the MFA’s (made for adsense sites, or simple sites made for the sole purpose of earning money through ads / affiliate programs) which would allow authority sites with better content and better structure to rank higher. This is a screenshot I took from one of my sites and it clearly shows how bad the situation is:

The site above was ranking #2 for a very competitive keyword and once it was averaging 800-1000 unique visitors per day but after the panda update the site was lost in the serps. Note that the site contained unique content, was nicely done and didn’t even have any affiliate links in it (besides Google Adsense which sounds ironic banning a site which is using your service as the only way of income)


There’s no actual solution on how to protect yourself from the bizarre changes of Google. The only suggestion I would give is to DIVERSIFY your traffic sources. Social Media can be really lucrative if used properly, then you can also do some banner exchanges with similar sites and if you really want to push it, offline marketing would be ideal (however this one depends based on your niche)


The conclusion is quite simple, if you have 80 % traffic from Google then you better move before its too late. PPC / Media buying will not only increase your traffic but will also help you win loyal readers for your site

Olgi Zenullari
Olgi Zenullari
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