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Deciphering Google Penguin Update


Almost anyone in the SEO game has been affected by the latest update from Google named “Penguin”. Primarily, it was the Panda update which filtered many MFA (made for adsense) sites and penalized them from the top positions.

I strongly believe that there must be a relation between the Google’s algorithmic changes and the names they’ve been using. After reading a passage from Wikipedia about Penguins you can clearly understand what I’m talking about:

Penguins for the most part breed in large colonies, the exceptions being the Yellow-eyed and Fiordland species; these colonies may range in size from as few as a 100 pairs for Gentoo Penguins, to several hundred thousand in the case of King, Macaroni and Chinstrap Penguins.Living in colonies results in a high level of social interaction between birds, which has led to a large repertoire of visual as well as vocal displays in all penguin species.Agonistic displays are those intended to confront or drive off, or alternately appease and avoid conflict with, other individuals.

Did you read that? Penguin, social interaction… Perhaps Google is trying to send a hidden message where it clearly states that in this update, social interaction (such as Google+ , Facebook, Twitter and much more) is the key to ranking higher?

In fact its logical for a site to be using a Facebook page, a Twitter account and in some cases a YouTube channel for their videos. Is this a move towards social optimization rather than old-school SEO?

Rich Snippets

Many months ago Google introduced rich snippets which most probably you have noticed in Google’s search engine. Is it a desperate way of attracting more members to join their social network Google+ or its a step further to semantic search technology?

The real problem with Google Authorship is that everyone can be anyone, by just creating a fake account on Google+ and then linking that account with your spam/mfa websites. How is Google going to protect millions of visitors from getting scammed or misinformed?

Panda, Penguin and the Platypus

The mighty jungle called Google is getting wilder and wilder and on many discussion boards, webmasters are already complaining about the mess Google Penguin update has made however one thing is for sure, Google is moving towards the so desired social-interactive buzz and will eventually give a higher importance to it as a ranking factor.

Despite the recent changes in the SEO industry, I still do believe that useful content along with powerful backlinks is the recipe for a successful, high ranking website!

Olgi Zenullari
Olgi Zenullari
A digital marketer / entrepreneur with a SEO obsession. This is my personal blog where I love sharing with you tips about online marketing, link building, blogging and making money online!
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