Continuity, The Secret Formula To Successful Blogging


I was reading an old post (probably 2006) at Yaro’s blog, Entrepreneurs-Journey and was looking at the comments. I clicked on 2-3 on the commentators sites and what I found were just some parked pages. I felt a bit sorry for those guys who started something before 3 years and couldn’t keep it up. Even if they didn’t know what to write, at least it would have been much more profitable to keep the site active rather than just park it or let the domain name expire

The problem with most of the bloggers (especially the ones teaching others or writing parkedtutorials) is that they get bored really quickly from their blogs. Even though you might not have anything good to write or share with your readers, at least pay renew your domain name and your hosting for a couple more years.

From some personal research I have done, most of the blogs which were opened in the last 2-3 years receive more traffic from the search engines and hence they have more subscribers.

What most of you don’t understand is that, only a small percentage of the world population is using the internet wisely and even a smaller percentage knows webmaster related stuff. If your blog would be up and living, even if you wouldn’t update it anymore you would still get organic traffic from your previous posts.

Understand that the new generation (which is now 7-10 year old) doesn’t know anything about affiliate marketing or other specific webmaster topics. They would be using different ways to find the need information (search engines, social bookmarks, etc ..) to become webmasters or even affiliate marketers. So they will need guides and tutorials which you have written before but just because you neglected to pay $10 for another year you lost all your writings and all your tutorials.


Blogging is like growing a plant, more you take care, more it will grow and produce some wonderful flowers. If you start a blog, make sure you do it correctly and write about what you know better but never let your dream die, if you aren’t making money just because someone didnt click on your affiliate banner, don’t worry, in the coming years someone will click but until then … you better pay your hosting & domain name ;)

Olgi Zenullari
Olgi Zenullari
A digital marketer / entrepreneur with a SEO obsession. This is my personal blog where I love sharing with you tips about online marketing, link building, blogging and making money online!
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