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Webit Expo 2011

Being a Webit Consul, I had the possibility to invite a couple of friends to the biggest digital marketing conference in Europe, Webit Expo, held in Sofia, Bulgaria. As far as I know we were about 7 people from Albania. It was a real pleasure for me meeting some of the industry leaders. In this article I will emphasize some important events which took place in Sofia and how this conference helped us grow our business even bigger.


First Day in Sofia, 25th October

After arriving at Sofia’s International Airport, we got a cab and gave him the hotel name. Ironically he didn’t leave us at the place we had asked, instead we had to walk like 600-700 meters. The hotel we were staying was Hotel Lion, which was really comfortable and located at the center. After leaving our luggage, we were starving hence we wanted to eat lunch. The interesting thing is that we walked like for 15-20 minutes and we couldn’t locate a fast-food or a restaurant. The only things we could see were shoes, shoes and shoes. Tens of shops selling any kind of leather shoes. Luckily near our hotel there was a fast-food (Aladin) and the food was quite nice.

I was checking all the shopping centers nearby and I found Sofia Outlet Center which, according to Google Maps it was 2.9 km away by foot so we decided to walk. When we were getting closer to the spot on the map we couldn’t locate the shopping center that’s why we asked a guy and he told us that we were like 20 minutes away (by car!!!). So we got a cab and we headed to Sofia Outlet Center. (taxi’s in Sofia are extremely cheap, maybe because they work with gas)

Second Day in Sofia, 26th October

We woke up early in the morning to attend the conference. I was amazed seeing a huge crowd of digital marketing addicts and I felt quite good. For me this was the first international conference I was attending and I had the possibility to get to know with some of the industry leaders. Here are some photos:


Webit Expo 2011 was a real inspiration for me, not only I had the opportunity to discuss with like minded and share thoughts on various topics, but we also had fun with some of my friends so greetings to Jonian , Arber , Albi & Ledio for the awesome time in Sofia city!

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GetResponse iPad 2 Giveaway

Yes you heard it right! GetResponse, a leading email marketing company is giving away an iPAD 2 for all my blog readers! A special thanks goes to Agnieszka, brand manager over GetResponse which made this offer exclusive for all the visitors of my blog :)

The Company

GetResponse offers one of the most professional email marketing services at the cheapest prices in the industry. Whether you are just starting out or you are a large company with thousands of email subscribers, GetResponse can help you manage, track and organize ideally your campaigns. Never forget that “the money is on the lists” so if you haven’t started yet, you have a good reason to start today with the chance of winning an iPad 2

The Offer

GetResponse is on a giveaway spree, providing 1000 different prizes every single day to anyone who signs up with their program. I wanted something more for my readers hence we agreed on giving ONE iPad 2 to anyone who registers under my affiliate link (note that to be eligible to win the iPad 2 (16 gb) you will have to register under my referral link in order to count / track you)

The Prize

A picture is worth thousand words so take a look what could be yours with just a simple signup over at GetResponse

Click the button below to signup and become eligible to win an iPad 2


Make sure to read the Terms & Conditions of this promotion
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How To Drive Traffic To Your Sites

You can always drive traffic to literally any site, the problem arises when/if the traffic isn’t converting well for you and believe me, most of the traffic sources we try to get traffic from is kinda useless. I see people tricking others on YouTube by posting useless comments or even videos, yeah I know its blackhat marketing but besides filling a survey, they wont pull out their credit cards and purchase a product from your site (so if you like getting $1.5 for every survey its okay then :P)

I’ve done a really interesting research on some of my sites and you wouldn’t believe how I make more than $20 per day with no more than 50 visitors daily and that’s because those visits are targeted, what I’m doing actually is filling their needs, they have a problem, i provide a solution, they win, i win, we all win so its a win win situation :)

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Vir.AL – Mass URL Shortener

To tell the truth I haven’t seen any other sites which offer the same service as Vir.AL, which basically is a mass url shortener. There have been various talks on different forum’s and I quite like it (and no its not because it’s mine :P)

The Story Behind Vir.AL

At the beginning me and my partner had other plans for the sweet and *viral* domain name but due to time lack I decided to launch as it is today, a mass url shortener. The idea came while I was creating manually short urls for one of my affiliate campaigns and since the domain was empty, I thought of creating it (thanks to my designer Gëzim & programmer Joni)

Vir.AL Features

There are no features at all, you just add your long and ugly URL and it automatically shortens it to 4-5 different url shortening service sites such as:

  • (Spanish audience)
  • (at the moment they are out of service)

The Purpose of Vir.AL

Well, let’s suppose you want to track how many clicks you have got from various traffic mediums and you want to use:

  1. From Your Website –
  2. From Your Mailing List –
  3. From Twitter –

So in this case you can keep track of what is performing better, personally I’ve found it quite helpful and I’m thinking of some major updates coming soon (maybe in May or June)

What are your thoughts on Vir.AL?

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