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How To Unlock iPhone 4 (Any Baseband)

I purchased a couple of months ago iPhone 4 and unfortunately it was carrier-locked (which means you could only use it with the carrier you bought the iPhone from). I was told to wait a couple of weeks as the iphone dev team would release the unlock however after waiting like 2 months I was really fed up (there are people out there who are still waiting for their iPhone to unlock)

After reading daily all the news related to unlocking iPhone and so on, I heard about Gevey SIM, which is a hardware type of solution for unlocking your iphone. I purchased it on eBay for like $30 and had it delivered in less than 7 days. Magically after following the instructions I could easily use my iPhone without any problems at all

Gevey Sim Interposer

So if you have been waiting for a long time to get your iPhone unlocked, I would recommend gevey sim as an alternative, at least it works and you its worth the $30

My Unlocked iPhone 4


Before a month or so the price was around $75 excluding shipping however I just checked and they were selling the gevey sim for as low as $35. The only thing with AppleNBerry is that they do not ship in the whole world so if you are unlucky (like me) and your country is not listed I would suggest to purchase from eBay

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Eurovision 2010 Winner

For all the ones who don’t know what Eurovision is about, its a song competition among (almost) all the European countries (European countries doesn’t mean you have to be part of EU). I’ve been following Eurovision for a long time and its really frustrating and dissapointing at the same time to see how diplomacy wins over anything else. Its not a contest actually, it dates since the ancient times. We know that half of Cyprus is of a Greek nationality so every time they give 12 points to Greece.  Same as in the Balkans where Slavic countries give points to each other. Yet again the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland) they share points with each other. It seems more like a political thing rather than an entertaining song contest

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The Apple iPad Giveaway Trend

As for almost all the previous Apple products, even for Apple iPad there has been a massive demand. Most of the top bloggers and affiliate marketers are using this method to get more traffic to their sites which would convert in more sales or earnings for them

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Twitter, The Spammers Paradise

I registered an account on many months ago as I thought it would be a nice tool to communicate with other people which shared the same opinion and preferences like me. Started out good but its going worst and worst every day. I believe Twitter might be called the Spammers Paradise since its easy as 1-2-3 to register and start following people who you do not know or you don’t have a clue about

Different so called affiliate marketers (blackhatters) are exploiting Twitter to get more clicks and sales on their offers. There have also been created different Twitter spam tools such as twitter friend adder which basically sends out tens or even hundreds requests to follow people based on particular interests.

Twitter has limited the number of people you can follow in a day to 500. Again its a big number but at least its a good sign that the Twitter staff is taking care of this mass spamming situation.

I signed in today on my Twitter account and on my public timeline, out of 10 tweets i saw, 8 of them contained spammy links or titles such as “How to make money online” , “Make a living from XXXX” and different other senseless comments. A webmaster or a marketer will never click on something shady like that but many innocent people who use twitter might fell and click on those links

What should Twitter do to prevent spamming ?

I was thinking of some moves which will make the Twitter community a much nicer place to live and communicate with friends or with other people.

  • Make clicks unclickable
  • Email confirmation needed upon registration
  • IP recognition upon registration
  • No more than 3 consecutive tweets sent
  • Ability to report someone (if someone receives more than 50 reportings he should be banned)

Twitter is a nice concept but seems its not going at the right route. Some solid changes must be done in order to keep all of the experienced and veteran people over there happy :-)

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A Nice Journey in Acropolis, Athens

I used to live in Greece but I had never visited Acropolis! I had some holidays and I decided
to visit my sister in Athens, Greece and my little lovely niece :-)

I didn’t want to go alone so I called up my cousin and he was more than happy to show me
the awesome monuments in Acropolis.

Below you can find some interesting photos :-)

Olgi in Acropolis

Olgi Zenullari in Acropolis, Athens

Olgi Zenullari in Acropolis, Athens

Olgi Zenullari Athens Acropolis

All of the above pictures were taken by my cousin Krist Bega, special thanks to him :-)

If you ever decide to visit Athens, its a must visiting Acropolis! (oh and the entrance fee is 12 euro)

Good Luck

Olgi Zenullari

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