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Where to buy aged domains?

One of the many factors which affect the ranking position of a site in Google is without doubt the age of the domain name. By that, I don’t solely mean a domain name which is old but a domain name which is old and has been for a long time on Google’s index. Personally I’ve got a couple of +15 year old domain names and they can rank higher / easier than a new domain name. So in case you’re here you most probably want to register an aged domain name so enough with the words, lets get down to business.

GoDaddy Auctions

Don’t panic about GoDaddy, no matter whether you like or not their domain registration services, I would highly recommend its auctions because you can find absolute bargains for very powerful domain names. So that’s a little secret I’m about to share with you, lets head over to GoDaddy Auctions and see what aged domains can we grab.

On your right you can see the below listed image, just click on Domain Age and write the age you would like the domain to have, then you will see if there are any available. In the example below I’ve used 10 to 15 years which will show me all the domain names older than 10 years up to 15.

Domain Age Godaddy Auctions

You then click Search and voila, all the available domain names with the specified attributes will be listed. From the example above here are the current results and I confirmed that most of the domains are older than 10 years!

Aged Domains

So look at the above listed domains, you can have any of them for as low as $5 up to $10 and there are literally hundreds of domains to choose from!

How To Make Money From Aged Domains?

You can either flip the domains for at least 10x profit (either sell it on Flippa, Namepros or Digital Point) but I would better recommend doing what most of the seo guys do, build sites on them and use them to pass link juice to your main sites! So basically you can build thousands of links on such domains since they are old enough and bulletproof from any penalization from Google and pass the link juice to the main site of yours

In case you find an aged domain (+10 years) which is also an EMD (exact match domain) then you’ve strike gold so continue to dig deeper and deeper as you would probably outrank any competitors on Google

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Become a Domain Name Reseller

I’f you’re in the domain names industry you should definitely have your own domain name reseller account. Not only you can keep all your domains in one place but you can also sell to other interested parties. Before a couple of years I wanted to have my own domain name reseller account however most of the biggest companies required  a large upfront deposit. After hours of research I came across NEO (NetEarthOne) and to be honest I was amazed by their pricing. After reading some reviews I was confident they were the real deal and signed up instantly.

$400 Bonus

At the time I signed up they were offering a $400 signup bonus from which I jumped directly on second tier. This was a great incentive because you could register domain names for as low as $7.79 and the best part is that you were getting (you still get) free whois protection (on other companies you have to pay up to $2 for that)

24 / 7 Support

You can find the phrase “24 / 7 support” on many online businesses however, NEO is really keeping their promise when they say 24 /7. An excellent support staff which is there anytime you need it. Whether you have a problem at 2:00 AM in the morning or on a Saturday evening, there will always be someone there waiting for you

Easy Management & Interface

When dealing with hundreds (or even thousands) of domain names and clients, you should definitely find what you are looking for as quickly as possible. At Net Earth one they use Logicbox platform (the new beta version rocks!!) which is really easy to use. You can set your domain name prices accordingly, see your costumers, check your finances and much much more. Here’s a screenshot how everything looks like:

If you are located in Europe you can easily change the currency to Euro, make sure your merchant account or credit card is in Euro too in order not to lose money every time from the exchange rate


I always prefer writing a conclusion at the end of each article and the conclusion this time is obvious. If you are an online marketer / agency / webmaster or whatever you will definitely need your own domain reseller account in which you will easily manage your domains in one single place



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The Power of Exact Match Domains

I often get asked on how important is a domain name and to be honest, with all my latest projects, I’ve chosen exact match domains and the results have been incredible. In this article I will outline some of the key factors on why should you use an exact domain name for your next affiliate site

What is an Exact Match Domain?

As it can clearly be understood from the name, an exact match domain is a domain which contains the exact primary keyword you are targeting in the domain name. For example if your niche is golf and you are targeting “golf courses” keyword then the exact match domain would be / / or any other combination

Awesome, so I’m going to register (Isle of Man) and dominate all the search engines hence becoming a millionaire overnight … erm thats not right, the first reason being that the extension (.im) is a cctld (country code top level domain) which cannot be compared with the potential of the top level domain names

What domain name extension to use?

Search Engines are changing their algorithms quite often hence you have to keep up with the latest updates and find out yourself whats working best for you however, right now, the most successful domain name extensions I’ve reached top rankings in Google are in the following order

  1. .COM
  2. .ORG
  3. .NET

Wait a minute, there’s no .info right? You are right, to be honest I haven’t been able to get too much Google love for my .INFO domain names and that is commonly connected with the fact that lately, since .INFO’s are so damn cheap they’ve been used mostly in spamming / scrapping sites with no actual value or whatsoever

No more exact match domains left?

While it is true that the best exact match domains (.com / .net / .org) have already been grabbed, you can always use hyphens (golf-courses) and if thats gone already,  I would recommend you to do another research and make sure not to broaden your search, focus on one particular niche and get hundreds of keywords, analyze them and decide which one is the proper one

Proof or it didn’t happen!

Usually I never disclose my niches for obvious reasons, let me tell you that exactly yesterday I launched a new site (my good old pal Tycho can verify it) and in no more than 24 hours my site is ranked on second page of Google for a keyword with a volume search of 25,000 exact match searches per month and a competition of 6 million sites! Impressive eh? Well, not for me, because that’s what you get when you combine an exact domain name with the super charged WordPress platform


Exact Domains are the biggest trend right now, if you haven’t already noticed then you’ve been missing a good opportunity to rank higher and higher. Note that all of my sites (as this one) use WordPress platform with some incredible seo plugins, it just makes a lot easier to control / maintain everything


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This is what happens when you put wrong WHOIS information

I was doing my research on Google for “make money online” and all of a sudden saw wrong meta details for John Chow. I thought maybe it was a bug or something and quickly clicked on the link but the weirdness got larger

Its really ironic and pathetic at the same time how GoDaddy is right now using his domain name to advertise their own products. Check below the notoriously known phrase “This webpage is parked free courtesy of”

Moral of the story? You better pay $2 for whois protection and you are safe in the long run rather than using fake whois because at the end of the day it will take you more than 15 hours to get the problem fixed (John Chow is still in the talks with Godaddy but no response so far)

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How To Choose A Good Domain Name

I’ve been in the domain name industry for over 5 years now, been registering domain names almost every day and the more I did my research, the better domain names I was getting. The problem with many new webmasters (or domainers) is the fact that they aim too high. Actually aiming too high is not a bad thing but when choosing a domain name, you should keep in mind 2 important factors

  1. What am I going to do with this domain name?
  2. How to make money with this domain name?
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