About Me

I could probably write tens of thousands of words on search engine optimization yet I doubt I will be able to write more than a couple of paragraphs for myself. Anyway, my name is Olgi Zenullari and I’ve been an SEO’r for a very long time now (I just now realized that I also own olgi.wordpress.com which I firstly registered back in 2006). Before we go into the techy details a quick background on me.

Personal Life

I was born in Tirana, Albania in 1989. I attended the “Turgut Ozal” college and then graduated from “Epoka University” with a bachelor degree in Business Administration (not that it is related anyhow to what I’ve been doing most of my life but thats another story). An important part of my life has also been my eternal love, my better half which has always been my support for every venture I’ve started.


I’ve always been a rebel in spirit and as such, it was quite difficult for me to settle down and work a 9-5 job, especially in Albania, where the SEO industry is almost non-existent. I was the founder of the first Webmaster related community in Albania (Webmaster.al) from which I made most of my business connections, be them in Albania or abroad.

1UP – My first “serious” (even though part-time) work experience started actually from a phone call. I was called and asked whether I was interested in joining a startup agency in Tirana, long story short me & the founder Redon Skikuli actually established the first 360 degrees agency in Tirana offering a wide variety of services starting from SEO / Social Media Marketing to app developments. Back at that time I was the founder of shqipAD (first ad-server in Albania used by some of the most prestigious companies like Vodafone, Raiffeisen, Adidas, Alpha Bank and more).

iMedia – I was approached by my relative Ylli Sula (founder & co-owner of Celesi Media Group) to actually establish a strong team of programmers / designers who would work for Celesi Media Group and also for other clients as well. I managed to come up with quite an experienced team of managers and programmers however we were targeting the local market and as such, the results were not what we had expected.

These have been my only “experiences” when it comes to working on a regular day job and not only they helped me grow professionally, it also made me understand the importance of positioning yourself as a market leader. My passion has always been building sites and ranking them and that has been my focus for the last 5 years, building micro niche sites, communities, services and generating revenue through advertising agencies (such as Google, Infolinks, OpenX, etc)

I could probably consider myself a domainer as well (started at NamePros forum in 2006) and my portfolio of domains have grown into more than +300 domains (a vast majority of them developed). I also joined the .AL craze back in 2010 when they were firstly made available to the general public (some notable domains I own are finance.al / tech.al / beauty.al / transport.al / etc….)

Why SEO Consultant?

SEO has been my bible for the last couple of years. I’ve been reading and researching, experimenting and investing endless hours to make the system work. SEO is not a science, I would consider SEO as an abstract art where each of us colors differently the drawing paper. I’ve done blackhat seo, whitehat, gray what, purple hat and the list goes on and on and the most important thing is a PROPER PLAN. How would you attack (gain) the #1 position? Most of the SEOrs fail because they either lose interest quite quickly (because they expect results within the same day) or they don’t know what they are doing.

Thanks to my knowledge and skills I’ve managed to rank for extremely competitive keywords, I’ve managed to successfully recover from Panda, Penguin and other search engines updates so I definitely think that I can help you with whatever questions you might have, whether you are a small independent freelancer or a big company, there is always new stuff to bring on the plate.


For more information or pricing do not hesitate to contact me